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Affiliates Insert Your Ads Into Their Thank You Pages

Everyone Makes Money

You may have already seen examples of webmasters promoting other people's products on their "thank you" pages.

This is a powerful tactic that can help everyone make extra money.

Now I'm going to show you how you can easily use this tactic to boost your own sales.



A Proven Recipe For Increased Profits

Do you already understand why showing your ads on other people's thank you pages is such a powerful solution?

If so, you might like to skip this paragraph and scroll down to see how JV Avalanche can help you to achieve this.

Otherwise, please read on to discover what was until recently, one of Internet marketing's best kept secrets...

How many times have you heard the phrase...

    "Would you like fries with your burger?"

It's a classic example of selling something else to a customer who's already ordering.

In the online world, this same method can be used very effectively, when selling downloadable products - or even physical products.

You simply offer additional products for sale on your "thank you for ordering" page, so customers who've just bought one thing from you are offered related products - usually with a special "customers only" discount, to encourage them to buy now.

By catching customers when they are already in the "buying mood", you stand a much better chance of making additional sales.

It's a well proven strategy and used by many of the Internet's top marketers.

But despite the huge profits available, most marketers don't actually market anything on their thank you pages - mainly because its a lot of extra hassle.

Today I'm going to show you how to exploit this fact by approaching other marketers who are selling their own products - and offering them an easy way to put ads for your products on their thank you pages.

In exchange, you'll pay them a commission on any sales - and give their customers a special discount on your products.

This is a win-win-win solution.

They get extra profit with zero effort. You get extra business from customers who are already in the "buying mood" - and the customer gets a special discount.

The key to making this work is offering a really easy way for other marketers (your "JV Partners") to put your offers on their thank you pages.

That's why your need our brand new JV Avalanche...




Your Fully Automated Solution

JV Avalanche is a simple script that you install on your own website.

It's a quick and easy installation, with special set up tool to make it really simple.

Once installed, you then use the script to create ads for JV partners, which they insert into their thank you pages - offering their customers a special discount off your products.



Quick And Easy Ad Creation

You design your ads with any HTML editor. They are just ordinary web pages.

There is an example ad included with the script, which you can modify - or you can just create a new ad from scratch.

You can include any text, any fonts/colors, any images, any layout - in fact anything you would normally use in a web page.

Once you have designed your ad web page, you upload it (along with any images) to your web host in the same folder as your script.

Once you've uploaded the ad web page, you use JV Avalanche to create an ad for each JV partner, by filling in a simple form.

You enter the JV partner's name, their affiliate link for your product and the file name of the ad web page.

The script will give you a special link that you email to your JV partner. When your JV partner visits this link, the script will show them what their ad will look like and provide the code for it (just a single line of Javascript). The JV partner just needs to paste this code into their thank you page and the ad will appear on the page instantly.

Since the code is Javascript, it can be inserted into any web page of any type (HTML, PHP, ASP or anything else) using any web page editor.



Quick And Easy Admin

You have a script admin feature, which shows the number of days ago that each ad was last shown by each JV partner. This allows you to easily tell if a JV partner has not yet started promoting - or has stopped promoting your offer.

By monitoring this information, you can contact JV partners to remind them to add the code to their page - or ask them why they have stopped promoting your offer.

For each JV partner, you can get detailed stats on the number of times the ad has been viewed and the number of clicks, the date of the last view and last click.

You can also get the total number of times that each ad has been viewed and clicked across all JV partners, to get an idea of how well the ad performs overall.



Customize Your Sales Pages With JV Partner Names

You'll probably want to use JV Avalanche to allow your JV partners to offer special discounted deals to their customers.

You will of course mention the discount in the ad itself. But adding this information to the sales page as well, gives a lot more credibility to your discounted offer.

For example, on your sales page, you might include something like this:

The special price shown on this page is only for customers of John Smith

With JV Avalanche, you can add a single line of javascript code to your sales page wherever you want the name of the JV partner to be inserted.

When a visitor arrives at your sales page from a JV partner ad, the correct JV partners name will be shown automatically.

This offers a very simple way to boost the profits from your special offers.




Change Your Ads At Any Time

With JV Avalanche, you can change your ad at any time in the future - and all JV partners that are already using that ad will automatically get their ad updated.

You can replace an ad with an improved version.

You can replace an ad with a special promotion for a few days - then restore the original ad back again when the promotion is over.

You can even replace an ad with an ad for something else completely, if for example, you stop selling the original product.

You do all this - at any time - just by uploading a new version of the ad web page, without even telling your JV partners.

All JV partners using that ad will automatically get their ad updated, without them having to do anything at all.




Works With Any Affiliate Program Or Script

JV Avalanche uses ordinary affiliate links - so will work with any affiliate system.




Create Ads For An Unlimited Number Of Sites/Products

A single installation of the script can handle as many products and as many JV partners as you want.

In addition, you can install the script on as many websites as you want - so you can install a separate copy for each product if you prefer.




Create Ads For Any Purpose

Although I've concentrated on inserting ads into thank you pages, JV Avalanche does not actually limit where the ads are placed.

You can create ads for any purpose and your JV partners can insert these ads into any pages on their website - even inserting them into their content pages if they wish.


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Instantly Build Unique Video Websites

Instantly build unique video sites, packed with hundreds of YouTube videos. Just enter your chosen keywords into the software and it will find all the most popular videos and then turn them into a complete website - in just seconds.

You can include Amazon, Adsense and affiliate ads, as well as promoting your own products/services. Websites are template based, so you can change the design however you want.

Easily Build Moneymaking Article Websites

Instantly build an unlimited number of unique niche article sites. Earn Amazon and Adsense income through special search features - and promote anything you want, by including ad units from any source.

Use your own articles, or off-the-shelf PLR articles. The built-in "random snippet" feature ensures your pages are always unique. Websites are template based, so you can change the design however you want.

Set Up Profitable Membership Sites

Easily build complete membership sites using this quick and easy template-based script.

Specially designed for "freemium" sites, where visitors are offered a free membership then an optional paid upgrade - a highly effective solution that can be used to build a list and sell any downloadable product.

The script can also operate simple free and paid sites.

Boost Profits When Selling Downloads

If you sell downloadable products, piracy and theft can cost you a lot of money. This script protects your download pages automatically, using special expiring links.

The script also features a full order tracking and management system that keeps records of all Paypal, 2CheckOut and Clickbank orders - and can automatically add customers to any autoresponder when they visit the download page.

Boost Your Affiliate Commissions

If you promote any affiliate programs, you'll love UltraMaxed Gold. It's one of the most powerful affiliate link management scripts available online.

Instantly create cloaked links to boost response and reduce commission loss - while automatically keeping track of the number of visitors clicking on your links.

Motivate Visitors To Buy NOW

Here's an easy way to motivate your visitors to buy your products right NOW, by limiting the time or number of sales allowed before the offer is removed.

Includes options for a bar at the top of the page, as well as embedded text inside the page. Sales are tracked and web pages updated in real time, with offers closed down automatically when they expire.

Get More Visitors To Like Your Blog

A WordPress plugin that encourages people to "Like" your blog, by offering them a free gift (a suitable downloadable product).

The plugin allows you to easily set up an ad, which appears in the side panel of the blog. When visitors like your blog, the plugin detects it and gives them a download link for your gift.

Get Other Webmasters To Promote Your Blog

Give bloggers and website owners a powerful incentive to link to your Wordpress blog.

When someone links to your blog through a special link, their Adsense ID or affiliate ID is used in all the ads on the blog. You can give them 100% of revenues, or use a shared revenue basis.

Get Visitors To Promote Your Blog

Give your visitors an incentive to tell other people about your Wordpress blog.

Visitors are offered a downloadable product free as a reward for persuading a certain number of other people to visit your blog. The plugin manages the whole process on autopilot.

Rapidly Build Your Own Niche Blogs

A quick and easy way to set up moneymaking niche Wordpress blogs, by instantly turning any package of ordinary text articles into a complete sequence of automated blog posts.

Posts can appear immediately or appear gradually over a period of time, so you can just set it up - and then leave the plugin to manage the blog on autopilot.

Boost Profits From Your Blogs Posts

Boost profits from your Wordpress blogs, by turning keywords in your articles into moneymaking affiliate links.

The plugin includes many advanced features, such as limiting the links per keyword and total number of links inserted, and caching for improved performance.

Add Video Content To Your Blog

An easy way to add videos to Wordpress blogs to attract visitors. 

The plugin creates new blog posts for YouTube videos matching a keyword. Posts can appear immediately or gradually over a period of time, so you can just set it up - and then leave the plugin to manage the blog on autopilot.

Easily Create Your Own Software

An easy way to create simple software tools (for use on Windows PCs) that you can give away to promote your business, through ads inside the software.

It takes a set of "items" and turns them into a software package. Items appear inside the software & can include:
    Web pages on any website on the Internet
Videos from video sharing sites like YouTube
Games and widgets from any of the game/widget sites
PDF files (ebooks) that you have the rights to distribute.

Easily Create Special Ecourse Packages

An easy way to create special ecourse software packages (for use on Windows PCs) that you can give away to promote your business, through ads inside the package.

Users can view each part of the ecourse in a separate page, so they can read one part a day - or read it however they want.

The software can be used with any ecourse in text file format - and comes with a selection of ready-made ecourses.

Easily Brand MRR Products

Turn a set of other peoples Master Resale Rights products into a software package (for use on Windows PCs) containing your ads.

Ideal for use when selling master resale rights software - but can be used for any type of downloads.

As well as benefiting from the ads, this branding process makes the package seem more like your own product - much better than just giving your customers a few zip files.

Boost Profits With High Impact Ads

A quick and easy way to create high impact ads for your own products or affiliate products, which include a photo (or image).

Create an unlimited number of ads, with automatic rotation, then easily embed them in your web pages.

Boost Profits With Interstitial Ads

Insert "interstitial ads" in your websites and Wordpress blogs.

Interstitial ads are full-page ads that appear in between other pages. So for example, when someone views page 1 on your blog, then clicks to see page 2, the ad page would appear before page 2 actually appears. Because they are full page ads (i.e. full sales pages) they can be much more effective than normal ads.

Build Your Own Profitable Offline Business

Use this easy software to build simple websites for local businesses, just by filling in a form.

Give the sites away to earn generous commissions - then leverage into a complete profitable offline business.

Or just use the software to build your own local website.

Build Your Business With A Giveaway Event

Mini giveaway events have proved very effective way for a group of like-minded people to build their businesses, by all promoting a giveaway event for mutual benefit.

This script automatically manages the whole process, automatically tracking all visitors to ensure that all partners are promoting. It includes an optional "one time offer" system and a league table showing each partners performance to encourage more promoting.

Attract Visitors With A Backlink Service

Lots of webmasters are looking for backlinks to their websites. Backlink Seeker allows you to tap into this demand.

It is a special script that you add to your own website. The script operates a basic backlink finding service for your visitors to use, encouraging them to revisit your website regularly.

The script template is fully customizable, so you can include ads and make it look like the rest of your website.

Track Ads And Keep Control Of Your Links

Most serious marketers track links to see how visitors and subscribers respond to ads. A lot of people use third party tracking services, despite the risk that links can be viewed as spam and that the services can get hacked or can close down.

Lynx Tracker is an easy to use script, which provides short, tracked links using your own domain name and fully under your own control.

Attract Affiliates With Easy PDF Branding

Here's an easy way to get affiliates to promote your products.

Simply create a PDF file that promotes your products, then upload it along with the script. Affiliates enter their ID into a box on your website and then download the PDF ready branded.

Can also be used to brand PDF reports for other purposes, with up to 6 brandable IDs and 6 links in each PDF file. Includes both a script for use on ordinary websites and a plugin for WordPress.

Get Bloggers To Promote Your Affiliate Program

If you want to attract key affiliates or "JV Partners", you need something a bit more special, to really set your affiliate program above the rest.

JV Blog Pro gives your affiliates special "photo ads" that they can easily incorporate into WordPress blogs, to promote your products on autopilot. The system allows large numbers of ads with automatic rotation, so your affiliates can build entire blogs to promote your products, with little effort.

Top JV Partners love having something unique to them, so the software allows you to set up special ads for each partner.

Create Profitable Upsell-Based Joint Ventures

Not every affiliate uses WordPress, so our special JV Avalanche offers an alternative way to help them promote your products - again with special options for specific JV partners.

The software provides your affiliates with special ads that they can incorporate into ordinary web pages.

Ads can be used on any web page - but they are particularly well suited to download pages and membership areas, allowing affiliates to promote your products as upsells.

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Training on how to easily create your own products using PLR.

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All our software is for use on PCs (and laptops) running Microsoft Windows  (any version). The software will NOT work on Apple Mac, Android tablets, etc. Websites built using the software can, of course, be viewed on any device.

All the scripts and WordPress plugins have "setup tools", which are Microsoft Windows tools that are used to create the script or plugin. Once created, the script/plugin can then be uploaded to your web host using the supplied simple uploader - or using any other method.

All the WordPress plugins should work on any recent version of WordPress.

All the scripts require a web host that supports PHP and MySQL. These are supported as standard on almost all web hosts - and are the same requirements as for WordPress (so if your web host supports WordPress, it will support all our scripts).

All the tools that build websites come with standard templates, which you can modify or replace, if required.

When you order Software Midas, you will get permanent access to a special members area, where the latest versions of all software can be downloaded at any time. When new versions are released, you will get instant access to them, at NO extra cost.

If any new software is added to Software Midas in future, you will also get instant access to it - at no extra cost.

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The software will NOT work on Apple Mac, tablets or any other platform

Software box images are for illustration purposes only. All software is delivered as downloads only.

License Terms: The software is licensed for use by a single person only. You may not resell it or allow other people to use it.

You may use the software to create an unlimited number of websites for your own business

You may use the Firestorm site builders to create complete websites (with their own domain name) and then sell (flip) them,

But you are NOT permitted to use any of the software to create web pages or script files that other people can install on their own websites.

In other words, you cannot sell any files generated by this software, except as part of a complete, hosted website.

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