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Everyone knows that targeted website traffic is essential for a successful online business.

But a lot of websites owners - especially small businesses and sole traders - just get most of their traffic from Google - either by relying on the vagaries of search engine traffic - or by paying the often very high costs of Google AdWords.

There are, however, LOADS of other traffic sources online - generally at much lower cost than AdWords - and in some cases completely free.

Our selection of TEN training courses will take you by the hand and guide you through a wide range of alternative traffic sources.

As soon as you order, you'll receive instant access to all these video courses...

Free Facebook Traffic Course

Facebook is the largest social network on the planet, with billions of users.

You can pay for ads on Facebook (and some of our other courses described below provide guidance on this option) - but Facebook ads can still prove expensive.

It is however still possible to generate traffic from Facebook free - although it is much tougher these days, as Facebook obviously wants website owners to spend money on ads.

To successfully drive free traffic from Facebook, you have to know what works and what doesn’t.

This 11 part video course provides detailed advice on methods that have proven successful. The course covers...

  • The best methods to get free traffic
  • What successful Facebook marketers do to drive free traffic
  • How to engage with your audience
  • How to optimize your Facebook Page for free traffic
  • How video can generate free Facebook traffic
  • Using Facebook Groups for free traffic

Twitter Traffic Course

Your already know that Twitter is huge - with hundreds of millions of users.

But do you know how to market effectively on Twitter - turning all those casual users into YOUR customers?

This 5 part video course provides lots of valuable tips on how to get real traffic to your business from Twitter.

Instagram Traffic Course

Instagram is not spoken about as often, in a marketing sense, as Facebook and Twitter. But the lower competition on Instagram can result in a higher brand interaction.

You may have doubts that a photo sharing website can be used in a business setting.

But this 5 part video course will show you how you can use Instagram effectively to drive traffic to your business, boost brand awareness and increase conversions.

LinkedIn Traffic Course

You're probably already aware that LinkedIn is by far the largest business oriented social platform around, allowing users to create a network of other professionals.

It's particularly used for the exchange of ideas, information, and other opportunities - with millions of small business owners and professionals looking to enhance their online presence, generate leads, and build their overall brand awareness.

This 5 part video course will show you various methods for using your LinkedIn account to generate traffic and boost your online profile, regardless of your brand or business.

YouTube Traffic Course

YouTube is one of the most powerful platforms for online marketing. It allows you to build a following that you can continuously market to in the future, using the well-proven power of videos.

YouTube success can involve a little more work than some of the other strategies - but the exceptional rewards can easily justify the effort needed.

This 5 part video course will help you come up with a YouTube marketing plan, discover how to get your videos a high ranking for your niche, and learn about various methods to boost your views and traffic.

Alternative Traffic Sources Course 1

This 12 part video course will show you how to get traffic from 12 different popular websites.

You've probably heard of many of these sites - but never realized how they could be used to get additional traffic for your websites.

Here's a brief summary of the videos, each covering a different traffic source:

  • Profit from this ad network which has more than 300 million monthly unique users on over 1000 top branded sites
  • See how to get a free piece of this BIG traffic source and let millions of buyers around the country to find your offers
  • Discover this free traffic source to reach out more than 15 million monthly unique users
  • Use this BIG traffic source to get loads of ad impressions in minutes
  • The sales volume of this traffic source is unparalleled in this space
  • Use this traffic source to make killing exposure for your offers and profit big time
  • Discover a not so popular traffic network which can bring loads of targeted visitors to your website for less than 0.05 cents
  • How to drive traffic by harnessing the power of one of the most used and targeted content distribution platforms
  • Use the largest, most responsive, supportive, and the best traffic generating tribe on the internet to reach your goals
  • Get thousands of visitors to your offers using the power of Facebook shares and Tweets by utilizing the free service of this source
  • How to get more eyeballs to your funnels from this million traffic generating forum

Alternative Traffic Sources Course 2

A 10 part video course on how to get traffic from many sources. Topics include:

  • Website traffic 101
  • Get instant traffic with Facebook ads
  • How to write effective Facebook ad copy
  • Free traffic from Quora questions and answers
  • Optimize your website and images for Google search traffic
  • Ensuring your content is socially shareable
  • Using re-targeting to boost your results

Alternative Traffic Sources Course 3

A 10 part video course providing loads of simple tips and strategies - for generating traffic from many different sources. Videos include:

  • Strategies for building a bigger email list
  • Tips for using Instagram hashtags for more exposure
  • Types of content you can create for more traffic
  • 7 ways to generate more traffic today
  • 10 website tweaks you should make if you want more traffic
  • 20 Instagram post ideas to boost your engagement
  • A 5 step plan to getting traffic for search engines
  • How to research highly searched keywords for your next blog post
  • How to get more social media followers

Alternative Traffic Sources Course 4

A 5 part video course providing detailed guidance on 5 different sources - Facebook, email, Pinterest, forums and YouTube. These are all commonly used methods - and these tips and tricks can help you get started, reduce your learning time and improve your results.

  • Facebook is one of those traffic sources that many people try – and many people fail. These tips and tricks can help you avoid the common pitfalls of using Facebook ads.

  • They say the money is in the list. This video will show you how to generate loads of email traffic ready to buy your product.

  • Forums can be a great source of laser targeted, and passionate traffic. This video will show you how to hunt down these forums for your niche and how to promote without getting banned from the forum.

  • Pinterest can drive loads of traffic to your campaigns, when used correctly. These tips will help guide you.

  • YouTube is often the highest converting traffic source, because the traffic has watched a video before they even get to your page. These tips can help you drive more traffic from this hugely popular platform.

Social Media Marketing Course

A 10 part video course covering how to market effectively on social media sites - to drive traffic and sales to your business. Videos include:

  • How to use social media marketing to gain followers
  • Tips to boost your social media marketing
  • How to check if your social media marketing is working
  • Why you need to increase your engagement
  • How collaboration can improve your social media marketing and gain new followers
  • How to use social media marketing to develop your brand.

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