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Your Offer Is Limited By Time Or Quantity

So Visitors Must Buy Now Or Risk Losing Out

In the offline world, businesses have been using powerful motivation tactics for decades, to boost their profits.

In fact they're so common that most people don't even recognize them as motivation tactics. They're just part of everyday life.

The most common motivation tactic is "the sale".

Most businesses - particularly shops and stores - have regular sales.

There are "January sales", "summer sales", "end of season sales", "clearance sales" and more. Some shops seem to use any excuse for a sale!

The great thing about sales is that they force customers to buy now.

Tomorrow the stock may all be gone - or the price could have gone up substantially.

Customers can actually see the stock disappearing from the shelves - and see other people buying - and this of course encourages them to buy too.

All this activity results in increased profits for the business.

While this strategy works well offline, it has generally been much harder to create this sort of motivation online ...until now.

Now with the brand new Web Sales Motivator, you can apply the same sort of powerful motivating tactics to your web pages - and all with just a few mouse clicks...

Use Scarcity To Boost Your Sales

In an offline sale, there is always limited stock of a product on display.

If there's a stack of 5,000 of the same product sitting there in plain view, the offer would be far less effective. It would look like there was an endless supply.

On the other hand, if there are just 30 of them on display, people tend to grab them quickly. The perceived scarcity compels people to buy now before they're all gone.

Now with Web Sales Motivator you can apply the same powerful tactic to your online sales.

You can set a maximum quantity of the product to be sold at a special discounted price (or even a maximum number to be sold altogether if you plan on limiting the availability of your product).

Your visitors will see a counter showing how many are left, something like this

Only 47 Left - Order Now Before They're All Gone!

It is important to note that this is not a ploy. Using a ploy might work once - but if your visitors realize that it's just a ploy, you'll lose credibility - and that means people may never buy from you again.

Instead the software actually keeps track of the stock level available, automatically decrementing the total each time someone buys.

The counter even updates in real-time.

This means that when someone buys your product, the counter value seen by everyone currently viewing your page is updated automatically.

Showing your visitors a counter like this does two things for you.

First, the number provides a sense of urgency for your prospect, and the lower it goes, the more it works.

Second, it provides what is known as "social proof" that others are buying this product too - "so it must be great!". When your visitors see that others are buying your product, they will have more confidence in their own decision to buy it.

As well as maintaining this counter for you automatically, the software also expires the offer automatically too.

Hence when all the available quantity is sold, the software instantly and automatically redirects all current and future visitors to another web page (which can either be a page saying "sorry its sold out" or offering the product at a higher price).

This step is vital to maintaining your credibility with customers.

Any visitors who missed out because your offer expired, will make very sure they buy early on your next special offer.

With all these features managed completely automatically, Web Sales Motivator makes it really easy to harness the profit boosting power of the "product scarcity tactic".




Apply Time Pressure For More Sales

Setting a time limit on your offers is another powerful tactic to force your visitors to take action.

You can use this strategy on its own - or in conjunction with limiting the quantity.

With Web Sales Motivator, you can set an "end date" for your special offer.

Your visitors will then see a countdown timer showing exactly how long they have before the offer ends, something like this:

    Offer Ends When The Counter Reaches Zero:  48:47

The software maintains the counter in real-time. When the offer is over, all visitors are instantly redirected to another web page (which can either be a page saying "sorry its sold out" or offering the product at a higher price).

Seeing a counter like this ticking down forces visitors to take action now, for fear of missing out, boosting your sales automatically.




Embed Counters In Your Pages And/Or Use A "Motivator Bar"

You can include the two counters (remaining quantity and remaining time) as many times as you want in your web pages.

All the counters will update automatically in real-time.

In addition, you can also (optionally) use the special built-in "Motivator Bar" to make your counters visible all the time.

The Motivator Bar appears at the top or bottom of your sales page - and stays there, even when visitors scroll up and down the page.

You can enter any message you want to appear on the bar (including any counter values you want).

You can also set the bar color, size and position - and can even include HTML formatting in the text if you want.

With this powerful tool, you can substantially increase you visitor motivation, pushing them to take action now.




Easily Create Powerful One Time Offers

As an alternative to setting an end date for your special offer, you can instead offer it as a "one time offer".

You can use this strategy on its own - or in conjunction with limiting the quantity.

With a "one time offer", visitors will only see your special offer once.

If they refresh the sales page, or leave and come back later, they will automatically be redirected to your normal offer page - offering the same product, only at a higher price.

Knowing that they cannot come back later forces your visitors to buy now, boosting sales.

In addition to standard one time offers, Web Sales Motivator also provides time limited one time offers.

With this option, you set a maximum time period that visitors can view the offer page for.

This allows you to put things like this on your sales page (this is just an example)...

"Order before the counter reaches zero and you'll pay just $47. Delay and you'll pay $67:  48:47

The countdown timer will show the hours (if appropriate), minutes and seconds left before the offer expires.

And when the counter hits zero, the offer ends and the prices goes up automatically.

If your customer hasn't ordered, they'll have to pay more - and of course next time they'll know the score - and be sure to order before the offer expires!

One time offers are a proven method of selling on the Internet - and are commonly used by most of the top-selling online marketers.

Web Sales Motivator makes it quick and easy to implement these "one time offers" for all your products.




Easily Set Up Moneymaking Firesales

Firesales are another commonly used strategy on the Internet.

A firesale is similar to a special offer, except that the price normally increases in several steps over a period of time.

For example, the firesale might cost $97 for the first 4 days of the sale, then the price goes up to $147 for the next 3 days, then to $197 for the next 2 days, then the offer is over and the product is no longer available at all.

In addition, the quantity available is usually limited, with the whole firesale ending when there are none left.

Web Sales Motivator makes it really easy to set up a firesale.

You can use the built-in "limited quantity" and "offer end date" features to set the limits for each stage of your firesale.

You can easily set everything up in advance so the entire firesale runs on autopilot.




Quick And Easy Setup

Setting up an offer with Web Sales Motivator is a quick and easy process.

The software comes with a special tool to set up the script. Just fill in a form and everything is set up for you automatically.

Just enter the details into a simple form, click the Create Script button and select your sales page file on your PC, then upload everything to your website.

There's no databases needed or other complicated setup requirements (the script uses a special solution to store all its data, avoiding the need for a database).

It really is quick and easy to apply these powerful motivation tactics to your sales pages.

Technical Notes

Details Of Countdown Timers: The countdown timers show the number of hours (where the time is one hour or more) plus minutes and seconds. When timers reach zero, they redirect the visitor to another web page indicating that the special offer was over.

Details Of Number Of Copies: The script maintains a total of the number of copies available and updates it automatically every time a copy is sold. When a visitor arrives at the sales page, they see the current total. In addition, the script refreshes the total on a regular basis (the frequency is chosen by you) so anyone already viewing the sales page will see the number decrease if more copies are sold while they are viewing the page.

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