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Are you looking for quality software tools that can help you build your own profitable websites and blogs?

Web Software Treasury offers you instant access to a superb collection of powerful tools.

Please take a look below at all the software you'll receive as soon as you order...

Instant Mobile-Friendly Video Site Builders - In Loads Of Hot Niches

Our special software will instantly build a professional looking video site, featuring your chosen ads and offers.

Your site will include many powerful profit-boosting features including...

  • Videos sourced from YouTube. When you use the software, it fetches the current selection of the 72 most popular videos for this particular niche. So when you build your site, you can be sure it will be fully up to date with the very latest videos.

  • Content provided by extracting random snippets from a set of 20 private label articles, ensuring that your pages are unique and contain niche-targeted content. (Most other video site builders scrape the content from YouTube, so the pages are just duplicates of the YouTube pages and rated as worthless by search engines).

  • Primary ad shown next to each video - promote anything you want, using a text ad, ad unit, or banner

  • Optional Amazon search buttons under the videos, including your Amazon affiliate ID.

  • Optional ad unit from any source shown under the videos.

  • Optional video site search box at the bottom of the pages, using your Adsense ID.

  • Randomly generated cross links on all pages to make the site structure different to that of any other website - and to ensure full search engine spidering of your site.

  • Professional looking home page, featuring thumbnails of each video.

  • Site built automatically - just fill in a short form with your details and your site is built instantly, ready to upload to your web host.

Quick And Easy Site Building

To create your complete video site, just activate the Site Builder Tool, enter a few details into the simple form and click a button.

A complete website is instantly built for you, ready to upload to your web host.

Upload it to your web host using the supplied Simple Uploader (or you can use your usual FTP program or website control panel) and your new site will be fully operational immediately.

Get Instant Access To All These Niche Site Builders

As soon as you order, you'll get instant access to all these individual Niche Video Site Builders.

Click on the name of any niche below to see an example video site for that niche (opens in a new browser window).

PLUS All These Webmasters Tools To Help Build Sites And Boost Profits

As soon as you order, you'll get instant access to all these additional webmasters tools.

Click on the ecover of any tool below to see more information for that tool (opens in a new browser window).

Plus loads more tools (well over 50+ tools in total)

New Software Every Month At No Extra Cost

When you order Web Software Treasury, you'll receive instant access to all the current tools, including everything shown above.

In addition, you'll receive new software every month - without paying another cent.

Your Web Software Treasury package includes a special downloader tool, which gives access to a download page that is updated every month with new software.

You'll keep receiving additional new software tools every month, for as long as we keep releasing them.

You'll receive new niche video site builder tools every month - and some months will also bring a brand new webmasters tool as well.

Additional Notes

All Software Is For Microsoft Windows Only: All our software is for use on PCs (and laptops) running Microsoft Windows (any version). The software will NOT work on Apple Mac, Android tablets, etc. Websites built using the software can, of course, be viewed on any device.

All the scripts and WordPress plugins have "setup tools", which are Microsoft Windows tools that are used to create the script or plugin. Once created, the script/plugin can then be uploaded to your web host using the supplied simple uploader - or using any other method.

All the WordPress plugins should work on any recent version of WordPress.

All the scripts require a web host that supports PHP and MySQL. These are supported as standard on almost all web hosts - and are the same requirements as for WordPress (so if your web host supports WordPress, it will support all our scripts).

Software box images are for illustration purposes only: All software is delivered as downloads only.

Popups: All the Windows software tools display a popup ad when the software is used to create the website, script or plugin. The popups show related offers that you may be interested in. Only a single popup appears each time you use the software. The popups do not affect the operation of the software in any way, but they allow us to offer you this software collection at such a low cost.

Special Downloader Tool: When you order, you'll receive a special "downloader" tool. Just activate this tool and it will display a download page where you can download all the individual software tools. You can activate the downloader tool again at any time in the future - to download any new software that has been added to the package.

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